Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have discovered that many people have the same questions about our organization and how we operate. We have created this list to help provide the answers in a centralized location. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does your staff make?

Our paid staff recieve the same rate accross the board based on thier training level regardless of years of experience. These rates are below the regional average rates for EMS providers and further shows our providers' committment to our community. $09.50 EVOC $10.50 EMT-Basic $11.50 EMT-Advanced $12.50 EMT-Intermediate $13.50 EMT-Paramedic Also, Officers recieve no additional compensation for their service.

What is your annual call volume?

Wise Rescue responds to many different types of calls including traffic accidents, medical calls, trauma calls, fire alarms, and standbys. In total, we generally are dispatched to around 1200 calls per year and transport around 900 patients.

Why do you bill for service?

We bill for service to help offset the cost of supplies and staffing. We recieve around $40,000 in town and county funding while our operating expenses are near $250,000 each year. Without billing, our agency would not be able to provide the level of service our community has come to expect.

I wasn't transported but recieved a bill. Why?

Wise Rescue charges a flat $50.00 response fee. This helps to offset the costs of our units and personnel being tied up on non-transport calls and for fuel and supplies required to respond and provide an initial evaluation.

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