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Wise Rescue Squad was founded by volunteers looking to help protect and serve their community. Over the years, to increase our agencies ability to provide around the clock coverage to the residents and visitors of the Town of Wise and Wise County, we began providing paid staffing. This has greatly increased our availability but brings with it increased cost. Citizens who wish to volunteer should begin by completing the application packet that can be found at the bottom of this page. The process to join Wise Rescue has four steps depending on your training and level of commitment.

Step 1- Apply

To apply, please complete the application packet found at the bottom of this page. You will also be required to obtain a FBI Criminal Background Check per State Regulations. You may obtain this from the Sheriff's Office or City of Norton Police Department. Both may charge a fee. Please check with them prior to visiting them. Attach any and all current relevant training records. 

Step 2- Ride Along

Wise Rescue offers the ride along program to anyone 18 years old and above. Exceptions are made for students 16 and older that are enrolled in an EMT class and require clinical hours. This program allows you to see, first hand, the services that we provide to our citizens and the ability to gain knowledge and insight into how EMS operates. This program will allow you to ride with our crews for up to 6 months to help you decide if you wish to go further and volunteer with our organization.

Step 3- Volunteer

All members of Wise Rescue start as volunteers. This allows us to gauge your level of commitment to our citizens and to ensure you are a good fit for the agency.  We hold our volunteers to the same standards as our paid employees; therefore, you will be required to provide hours that you can volunteer on a weekly basis as available as well as to assist with public outreach and community involvement. Volunteers also help to offset operating expenses by supplementing paid staff. After a set period of time, volunteer members are eligible to apply to be moved to the paid staff. This is the primary feeder for employment at our agency. Wise Rescue will assist in finding and securing training for all volunteers.

Step 4- Employment

Upon completion of the required time of volunteer service, you will be eligible to apply for employment with Wise Rescue.  Wise Rescue is an equal opportunity employer. The membership will select and vote on potential candidates. Paid staff provide hours as available to help provide 24/7 coverage when staffing by volunteers is not possible or there is heavy demand. Paid staff are also required to volunteer to assist with projects and events that occur off the ambulance in accordance with state and federal law. 

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