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ALS, or Advanced Life Support, is the main level of service that Wise Rescue provides to our community members. ALS treatment may include cardiac, pain, respiratory, and other types of medication as well as IV access, Lab Draws, Cardiac Monitoring, and Advanced Airway Management including intubation. Wise Rescue has some of the most progressive and advanced protocols in the region in order to provide our community with the best pre-hospital care possible. 


BLS or Basic Life Support includes basic medications and treatment, This can include oxygen administration, Aspirin, nitroglycerin, and albuterol among a multitude of other treatments. Our BLS protocols are some of the most progressive and advanced protocols in the region in order to provide our community with the best pre-hospital care possible. 


With multiple certified American Heart Association and Red Cross Certified instructors, we have reaffirmed our commitment to educate the community to ensure that, should the need arise, you may be able to help a fellow community member until more help arrives. We offer regular courses that you can find right here on our website by visiting our upcoming events page. 


From event stand-bys and community outreach to non-emergency transports, we offer many different services to our community. To find out more about event standby and community outreach, visit our community involvement page. Non-Emergency transports require prior approval. Please contact us for further information and to see if we are able to assist you with whatever your need may be. Wise Rescue also, at times, provides transfer services from our local facilities to the larger hospitals in the Tri-Cities when the volume exceeds the capabilities of our local for-profit ambulance services.

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Email: officers@wiserescue.org

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